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Inviolate’s Rockin’ to Rebuild Campaign

18 Nov

Hello folks,

I imagine most of you have heard about the devastating Typhoon that hit the Philippines. Strange One Records will be working with  Inviolate on their Rockin’ to Rebuild campaign to raise funds for the relief effort. For more details, I am attaching the following statement directly from Inviolate’s Kadria:

Hey Inviolators!!

Kadria here…. We got some really big announcements for you concerning our shows for November and December. And I’m gonna get personal with y’all for a bit.

First off — that big huge super typhoon monster that hit the Philippines. Many of y’all have reached out to me asking after my relatives and loved ones over there, and for that, I am REALLY thankful to announce that all my extended family and anyone I’ve asked after overseas is safe and rode out the storm ok. That being said, it still rakes me across the heart to see “my” folks scrounging in the ravaged streets to survive. I see my aunties and uncles and cousins in their place on every frame of news footage. So Chris and I have come up with a couple of ways to help out and here’s where you come in.

1) For our next 3 shows (11/22 Albany GA; 11/23 Orlando, and 11/30 Knoxville) we are directly donating 1/3 of our merch sales to the Red Cross specifically earmarking the funds to help the Haiyan survivors. We will also be taking donations at these shows, paper and plastic, towards this end.

2) NEW SHOW: Our final show of 2013 will be back here in Atlanta at Vinyl with our dear friends in Enders Game, Charlotte NC’s Tattermask, and Drowning Out Tuesday on SATURDAY, Dec 14. After taking care of production costs and our guests from Charlotte, *ALL* our profits from ticket and door sales will be going to the Red Cross. We will also be raffling off merch, several gift cards (just in time for the holidays!), accessories from and homemade baked goods to increase Inviolate’s & Strange One Records contributions to help the Filipinos re-build and make the holidays easier for those families. If any of y’all have anything you’d like to contribute towards the raffle, please contact Chris Farmer or me directly.

We also have Paypal buttons set up on the band and label websites in case you aren’t able to buy a ticket or come to any of our shows, which you can access here.  By Monday, December 16 we will have the final tally of what we as the southeast rock and metal community raise for Red Cross and the people of the Philippines, and we will definitely let you know!

In the past few days I know I’ve personally wanted to grab a shovel, gloves, a pallet of water and food and fly out there and help my extended extended family start cleaning up. Since I’m not able to do that, being able to play shows to help raise money is the next best thing. Let’s show the Philippines that we’ve got their backs! And from me personally, a HUGE thank you for all your help and generosity in advance!


+ respect + jingles!
– Kadria

If you would like more information on our campaign and how you can be a part of it, you can visit:

Thank you for reading this, thank you for your support of independent music, and thank you for helping us help others in need! \m/

-Chris and Strange One Records