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12 Jul

Hey folks,

For anyone who does not know yet, Inviolate will be opening for Static-X on July 27.  This is an exciting show for all of us in the Inviolate camp.  I have always personally enjoyed Static-X, and have found their unique style to be refreshing during a time when our popular music has become increasingly predictable.  They were an influence on all of Inviolate’s founding members, and we have shared some inside laughs about misunderstood lyrics.

During Inviolate’s early days, Kadria (singer, electronic musician for Inviolate- for those who don’t know) and I were able to have a talk with Koichi from Static-X after one of their shows.  Not only was he glad to talk to us about tech stuff, but he was down to earth and treated us as peers.

Chris and Kadria with Koichi

Chris and Kadria with Koichi

For anyone who is not familiar with Inviolate, they also meld heavy guitars with danceable rhythms and electronics.  The vocals are more melodic, and delivered by a striking, belly-dancing front woman.  You can visit the following link for more info, and a free download:

Inviolate will be opening for Static-X on Friday, July 27 at The Masquerade in Atlanta (695 North Ave.)  Also on the bill are Davey Suicide and 9 Electric.  Advance tix are available here:

Any of you have any Static-X stories?  We would like to hear!

Keep rocking!

Chris- Manager, Inviolate


Inviolate Q & A

28 May

Hi folks,

To prepare for the upcoming Feast of Ashes album release, Inviolate has been doing a lot of press.   We thought it would be more fun to hear from all of you as well.  After all, it is our fans and supporters that really get us going and allow us to do what we love!

It is really easy- think of any question you would like to ask Inviolate, and put it in the comment section below this blog post.  We will answer as quickly as possible.  Can’t wait to hear from you!


Feast of Ashes CD Release Show

7 May

Hello all!

Inviolate will be releasing their new album Feast of Ashes on June 12.  To mark this occasion, they will be having a CD release show at The Masquerade in Atlanta on June 15.  This album is the result of many months of hard work and a lot of collaboration with some great musicians and a great production team!  We are very excited to share it with you.

Inviolate will be joined by Decadence, Last Red Ransom, Faith in Shadows, and Lydia Can’t Breathe.  Doors open at 7, and this is an all ages show.  Pre-sale tix are available for $8 at: Tickets will be $10 on the day of the show.  CDs will be available at the show for just $7.  The Masquerade is located at 695 North Ave, Atlanta, GA 30308.

Thanks for your support!

Chris, manager- Inviolate

Hello world!

29 Apr

Welcome to the world of Strange One Records!

Strange One was started early in the twenty-first century by a musician/band manager from Atlanta, GA while trying to make a living in New Jersey. The dream was to start an independent label that would focus on artist development and be flexible in this ever- evolving tech landscape. Strange One would not be limited to specific genre, but we work with fresh, unique, and entertaining bands that rock!

Stay tuned…