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Interview with Kadria from Inviolate, Fall 2012

29 Oct

Hey folks,

Feast of Ashes has been out for a few months now, and we thought it would be fun to share some insights from Inviolate’s Kadria (vocals, samples, bellydancing) about what inspired the songs, what is next for Inviolate, and more:

Strange One: Besides your musical influences, what other issues inspired the songs on Feast of Ashes?

Kadria: Refusing to be anything or anyone other than who you are; the power that a single person can have on your heart and your dreams; more recently, battling depression and the fight between keeping yourself armored and letting your true self be vulnerable.

SO: What do you consider to be your greatest musical accomplishment? 

K: Creating and completing the Feast of Ashes album and “Condemned” video. We’re really pleased with the team of people we worked with to make it happen and how professionally everything turned out!

(note: Feast of Ashes was co-produced by Mike Froedge, and the “Condemned” video was shot by Gustavo Montana)

SO: What are your goals for the rest of 2012 and on to 2013?

K: We are currently upgrading our touring vehicle and trailer so we can expand our show dates into new cities in NC, AL and TN and keep growing our fanbase in GA, SC and FL; continue putting the album and video into more ears and eyes, writing more songs and start planning for a “Feast of Ashes” video shoot next year.

SO: Would you like to add anything else?

K: We recently opened for Static-X- that was amazing and allowed us to showcase the more industrial side of our sound. We’re also proud to be playing 3 shows for great causes before the end of 2012: our 2nd Atlanta Cancer Care Benefit show was in October, we are playing for the American Diabetes Association in Simpsonville SC with several local metal bands in November, and a Toys for Tots show in Marietta GA in December (which also happens to be a Dimebag Darrell tribute show!)

You can find Inviolate’s concert calender at inviolate1.com

If you haven’t signed Inviolate’s mailing list, you can do so here (and get a free download)

Keep rocking!

Strange One Records and Inviolate