Inviolate’s Rockin’ to Rebuild Campaign

18 Nov

Hello folks,

I imagine most of you have heard about the devastating Typhoon that hit the Philippines. Strange One Records will be working with  Inviolate on their Rockin’ to Rebuild campaign to raise funds for the relief effort. For more details, I am attaching the following statement directly from Inviolate’s Kadria:

Hey Inviolators!!

Kadria here…. We got some really big announcements for you concerning our shows for November and December. And I’m gonna get personal with y’all for a bit.

First off — that big huge super typhoon monster that hit the Philippines. Many of y’all have reached out to me asking after my relatives and loved ones over there, and for that, I am REALLY thankful to announce that all my extended family and anyone I’ve asked after overseas is safe and rode out the storm ok. That being said, it still rakes me across the heart to see “my” folks scrounging in the ravaged streets to survive. I see my aunties and uncles and cousins in their place on every frame of news footage. So Chris and I have come up with a couple of ways to help out and here’s where you come in.

1) For our next 3 shows (11/22 Albany GA; 11/23 Orlando, and 11/30 Knoxville) we are directly donating 1/3 of our merch sales to the Red Cross specifically earmarking the funds to help the Haiyan survivors. We will also be taking donations at these shows, paper and plastic, towards this end.

2) NEW SHOW: Our final show of 2013 will be back here in Atlanta at Vinyl with our dear friends in Enders Game, Charlotte NC’s Tattermask, and Drowning Out Tuesday on SATURDAY, Dec 14. After taking care of production costs and our guests from Charlotte, *ALL* our profits from ticket and door sales will be going to the Red Cross. We will also be raffling off merch, several gift cards (just in time for the holidays!), accessories from and homemade baked goods to increase Inviolate’s & Strange One Records contributions to help the Filipinos re-build and make the holidays easier for those families. If any of y’all have anything you’d like to contribute towards the raffle, please contact Chris Farmer or me directly.

We also have Paypal buttons set up on the band and label websites in case you aren’t able to buy a ticket or come to any of our shows, which you can access here.  By Monday, December 16 we will have the final tally of what we as the southeast rock and metal community raise for Red Cross and the people of the Philippines, and we will definitely let you know!

In the past few days I know I’ve personally wanted to grab a shovel, gloves, a pallet of water and food and fly out there and help my extended extended family start cleaning up. Since I’m not able to do that, being able to play shows to help raise money is the next best thing. Let’s show the Philippines that we’ve got their backs! And from me personally, a HUGE thank you for all your help and generosity in advance!


+ respect + jingles!
– Kadria

If you would like more information on our campaign and how you can be a part of it, you can visit:

Thank you for reading this, thank you for your support of independent music, and thank you for helping us help others in need! \m/

-Chris and Strange One Records

Music Sales from Social Media Marketing, Part 1

23 Sep

Hey folks,

When talking to independent artists, one of the questions that I get most is “How can I get social media to translate to fans and sales?”

I would like to start by saying that for DIY artists, social media marketing should be used to accompany, not replace, face-to-face promotion. There is still nothing like getting out and talking to people, and giving them a live show that they will never forget. The best physical CD sales for local/regional bands is at their live shows, and that is a great opportunity to expand the mailing list. Maintaining those contacts is an art in itself, but the greater challenge is drawing new fans (and customers) completely from the web.

The internet is synonymous with informational overload. There are more websites and social media platforms than ever before, and there are also more malicious forces at work.  On one hand, there is an ever-growing amount of online commerce. The flip side to this is that people are not likely to just buy music from artists with whom they are not familiar. Illegal downloading of music has also lessened the perceived monetary value of music, as many people have grown accustomed to not paying for music at all.

To obtain online sales, you have to then have to: 1) get and keep the attention of potential fans/customers, 2) establish some form of bond or interest, and 3) trigger their impulse to buy. Social media can come into play for each step of this process (which I will explore further in a later post), but it is especially useful for step 2. For this part, it is crucial to balance promotional info with content.  Here are some tips for utilizing social media to create bonds with your audience.

1) Choose your platforms.  There are many different social media platforms now available. While I believe it is good to have a presence on several of them, it is good to focus most of your attention on a small number of them. It is always wise to check out which are most popular for your particular style, region, etc, but I recommend going with platforms with which you are comfortable. If it feels intuitive and easy to use, your posts will seem more natural and interesting.

2) Be genuine. While it can be helpful to look at posts from other successful artists for inspiration, you should be sure to develop your own style. If you post honestly and enthusiastically about your music, your passion will be evident to readers. Using your own unique voice will help to set you apart from the numerous other artists that populate social media.

3) Don’t push. I think it is good to post at least a few times a week to keep yourself in front of your online audience. If it feels natural to post numerous times daily about each aspect of your life and music, then stick with that. If that does not come naturally, then I do not recommend trying to do so. Your posts will seem forced, and seem void of real content.

4) Show interest. In addition to being interesting, you should also be interested. Take an interest in your fans and involve them whenever possible. This can include asking for their input on daily decisions, getting their opinions on your music, and posting about topics of interest to them (other than just your music). This brings me to my next point, which is…

5) Use your other skills. Everyone has skills other than music. Think about how those other skills can tie in to your social media marketing. You can use this to provide content to your existing fans, and you may also be able to draw new people to your music by engaging them elsewhere. 

Maintaining a consistent online presence is a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding. In addition to generating sales, finding yourself with a community of fans, friends, and colleagues is both a great feeling and necessary for breaking the band.

Have fun with it, and keep rocking!

Chris Farmer, Strange One Records

If you would like more info, or in a band that is interested in consultation for online marketing, contact us via



Inviolate and Enders Game Tour May 2013

5 Apr

2013-01-08 20.31.47Hello all,

We are pleased to announce that Enders Game will be joining Inviolate for an East Coast tour in May! Here are the dates:

5/3 Fayetteville, NC- The Rock Shop

5/8 Baltimore, MD- The Sidebar

5/9 Philadelphia, PA- Studio 98

5/10 Ithaca, NY- The Haunt

5/11 Trenton, NJ- Millhill Basement

Check out and for more on the bands, and get your copy of Feast of Ashes at

Please help spread the word- see you out there!


Happy Holidays from the Strange One Family!

18 Dec

Happy Holidays from the Strange One Family!

Strange One and Inviolate would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! This has been a great year of growth for us, and we would not have been able to do it without the support of great people like you.
As we go into 2013, we have great things in store, beginning with a January full of Inviolate shows throughout the Southeast. Be sure to check the calender at for the latest updates.
Best wishes, and keep rocking!

Strange One Records and Inviolate

ps- Independent music makes a great holiday gift, and helps local artists have a great holiday too!

Interview with Kadria from Inviolate, Fall 2012

29 Oct

Hey folks,

Feast of Ashes has been out for a few months now, and we thought it would be fun to share some insights from Inviolate’s Kadria (vocals, samples, bellydancing) about what inspired the songs, what is next for Inviolate, and more:

Strange One: Besides your musical influences, what other issues inspired the songs on Feast of Ashes?

Kadria: Refusing to be anything or anyone other than who you are; the power that a single person can have on your heart and your dreams; more recently, battling depression and the fight between keeping yourself armored and letting your true self be vulnerable.

SO: What do you consider to be your greatest musical accomplishment? 

K: Creating and completing the Feast of Ashes album and “Condemned” video. We’re really pleased with the team of people we worked with to make it happen and how professionally everything turned out!

(note: Feast of Ashes was co-produced by Mike Froedge, and the “Condemned” video was shot by Gustavo Montana)

SO: What are your goals for the rest of 2012 and on to 2013?

K: We are currently upgrading our touring vehicle and trailer so we can expand our show dates into new cities in NC, AL and TN and keep growing our fanbase in GA, SC and FL; continue putting the album and video into more ears and eyes, writing more songs and start planning for a “Feast of Ashes” video shoot next year.

SO: Would you like to add anything else?

K: We recently opened for Static-X- that was amazing and allowed us to showcase the more industrial side of our sound. We’re also proud to be playing 3 shows for great causes before the end of 2012: our 2nd Atlanta Cancer Care Benefit show was in October, we are playing for the American Diabetes Association in Simpsonville SC with several local metal bands in November, and a Toys for Tots show in Marietta GA in December (which also happens to be a Dimebag Darrell tribute show!)

You can find Inviolate’s concert calender at

If you haven’t signed Inviolate’s mailing list, you can do so here (and get a free download)

Keep rocking!

Strange One Records and Inviolate

YouTube Playlist- Women of Modern Metal

14 Oct

Hey folks,

Strange One Records’ new playlist, Women of Modern Metal, features Inviolate and other regional and national female-fronted metal bands.  If you have not checked it out yet, find it here:

We would like to provide links so that you can easily find more info about the bands, find show schedules, and purchase music and merch.


Get your free download of “Condemned” from Feast of Ashes at:

Find more info on Inviolate at and purchase Feast of Ashes via CD or download at:


Find info at:  Their new album, I’ve Failed You, is also available on iTunes

Straight Line Stitch

Find info at:  Their new album, The Fight of Our Lives, is also available on iTunes

Last Red Ransom

Find info and purchase their Deluxe Single Lanterns at:

Alekhine’s Gun

Find info at:


Find more info and purchase their album Rubicon at:


Find more info at:

Luna’s Lament

Find more info at:


Find more info and purchase their album After the Storm at:


Find more info and purchase their new album Requiem for the Indifferent at:

Mr Bella

Find more info and links to purchase their album Cross My Heart at:


Hope you enjoy the playlist- Keep rocking!

Chris, Strange One Records


Operation Opening Act

20 Aug

Some info on Operation Opening Act, which is part of Operation Resilient Warrior. Also included is what Strange One Records and Inviolate are doing with the organization, and what you can do to help.

For more info on Operation Opening Act:

To purchase Feast of Ashes to donate to our troops:

To learn more about Inviolate:

Thanks for your support and keep rocking!


12 Jul

Hey folks,

For anyone who does not know yet, Inviolate will be opening for Static-X on July 27.  This is an exciting show for all of us in the Inviolate camp.  I have always personally enjoyed Static-X, and have found their unique style to be refreshing during a time when our popular music has become increasingly predictable.  They were an influence on all of Inviolate’s founding members, and we have shared some inside laughs about misunderstood lyrics.

During Inviolate’s early days, Kadria (singer, electronic musician for Inviolate- for those who don’t know) and I were able to have a talk with Koichi from Static-X after one of their shows.  Not only was he glad to talk to us about tech stuff, but he was down to earth and treated us as peers.

Chris and Kadria with Koichi

Chris and Kadria with Koichi

For anyone who is not familiar with Inviolate, they also meld heavy guitars with danceable rhythms and electronics.  The vocals are more melodic, and delivered by a striking, belly-dancing front woman.  You can visit the following link for more info, and a free download:

Inviolate will be opening for Static-X on Friday, July 27 at The Masquerade in Atlanta (695 North Ave.)  Also on the bill are Davey Suicide and 9 Electric.  Advance tix are available here:

Any of you have any Static-X stories?  We would like to hear!

Keep rocking!

Chris- Manager, Inviolate

Inviolate Q & A

28 May

Hi folks,

To prepare for the upcoming Feast of Ashes album release, Inviolate has been doing a lot of press.   We thought it would be more fun to hear from all of you as well.  After all, it is our fans and supporters that really get us going and allow us to do what we love!

It is really easy- think of any question you would like to ask Inviolate, and put it in the comment section below this blog post.  We will answer as quickly as possible.  Can’t wait to hear from you!


Feast of Ashes CD Release Show

7 May

Hello all!

Inviolate will be releasing their new album Feast of Ashes on June 12.  To mark this occasion, they will be having a CD release show at The Masquerade in Atlanta on June 15.  This album is the result of many months of hard work and a lot of collaboration with some great musicians and a great production team!  We are very excited to share it with you.

Inviolate will be joined by Decadence, Last Red Ransom, Faith in Shadows, and Lydia Can’t Breathe.  Doors open at 7, and this is an all ages show.  Pre-sale tix are available for $8 at: Tickets will be $10 on the day of the show.  CDs will be available at the show for just $7.  The Masquerade is located at 695 North Ave, Atlanta, GA 30308.

Thanks for your support!

Chris, manager- Inviolate